A downloadable Astronophobia for Windows and macOS

 You are in a spaceship. Everyone has been infected by a deadly virus, though they do not seem to have noticed yet.

They are too dangerous to approach, but you need to get acces to the antidote.

And the end justifies the means.

Be careful , appearances can be misleading !


Astronophobia is a survival and puzzle game where both players will have to cooperate to find the antidote for a virus that infected their whole spaceship.

They will have to make their way through the space base avoiding or killing the other occupants. 

Cooperation is key to moving forward:  Open doors for each other, find items to access restricted areas, and set up unfortunate accidents.


On Earth, a virus is destroying the population and there is no way to find a vaccine. A team decides to go into space to conduct research on aliens.

Two astronauts convince each other someone has to be infected given how careless the crew members are. They believe that the antidote is in a room deep inside the spaceship and decide to look for it. However, they cannot get close from anyone, including the other, for fear of contagion.

Time is running out !


Game Design: Aurélien FONTAINE ; Séléna PAVARINO ; Pierre MALLET ; Eloi FROMANGÉ-GONIN

Game Programming: Élise NGUYEN ; François DESSARTS ; Maxence COLAS


Music Composer: Alexandre FRAMEZELLE

Producing: Tristan SOLARO ; Guillaume MOGE


Build_Astronophobia.zip 81 MB
Astronophobia_MAC.zip 82 MB

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